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Contact List:

Instructor: Prof. Mikko Lipasti
Office: 3621 Engineering Hall
Office Hours: TBA
Email: mikko at
TA: Michael Mishkin
Office: 3632 Engineering Hall
Office Hours: During lab time (TR 3:45-6:45)
Email: mmishkin at

Course Overview:

ECE 554, Digital Engineering Laboratory, 4cr. Practical aspects of computer system design. Design, construction, and testing of significant digital subsystems. Design, construction, and programming of pipelined digital computers. Prerequisites: ECE/CS 352, ECE/CS 552

The objectives of this course are to

  1. Define, design, implement, and demonstrate the working of a large digital system,
  2. Deal with problems and solutions associated with a large digital design project,
  3. Work effectively as a member of a moderate-sized team,
  4. Use contemporary commercial design tools, and
  5. Use programmable, user-defined devices, including those deployed in the cloud, for rapid prototyping and deployment.

The project is to design, implement, test, and program a general or special purpose digital computer that emphasizes one or more compelling features. Projects typically also include significant software development and demonstrations using the capabilities of either the FPGA boards provided in class or could-deployed AWS (Amazon Web Services) FPGA instances. Project groups are four to seven in size. Teamwork and realistic project scheduling and monitoring are emphasized. Project teams that choose to implement their designs using the cloud infrastructure have the potential opportunity to directly commercialize their work via the AWS cloud.

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Useful Links:

Previous Semesters, other sections, etc: Software Tools (to be updated):
  • Computer Architecture Research at Wisconsin
  • Computer Architecture Seminar(Tuesdays 4:00-5:00 PM)
  • Computer Architecture Mailing List
  • ACM Digital Library (accessible from the UW domain)
  • World-Wide Computer Architecture Information

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